Become a Resilient Servant Leader

Resilient leaders are both humble and confident in their ability to lead themselves and followers through adversity in a way that empowers, strengthens, develops, and supports. Servant leaders are guided by values and motivated by their service to others and development of followers.

Resilient Servant Leaders are unique individuals able to guide the process of building resilience through a clear vision of both the pain and the possibilities, a principled focus on ethics and stakeholders, a heart that empathizes and instills hope, insight that empowers and seeks meaning, and an openness that listens and encourages contributions.  

Our Resilient Servant Leader memberships foster the wisdom, skills, and practice of personal resiliency, leader effectiveness, and servant leadership to help leaders grow and develop themselves and their followers.

Resilient Servant Leader

Three-Month Membership

3-months of access to rich resources, leadership development, and a stimulating collegial community

  • The Resilient Leader Community where you will access member resources, share your success, and build supportive relationships for your leadership journey
  • Access to daily online mindful journaling practices especially designed for leaders
  • Resilient Servant Leader eBook
  • HOPETM and Ordinary Magic, the Making of Resilience eBook
  • Mindful Journaling eBook
  • A 30-minute coaching call to begin your journey
  • Monthly Servant Leader Circle, where you will participate in guided group discussions on resilient servant leadership topics and practices
  • Access to one Mindful Journaling Mini Course
  • Resilient Leader Reference List
  • Access to discounted executive coaching packages

Resilient Servant Leader

Six-Month Membership

Six Month Membership doubles your access, allowing more time to develop resiliency resources and extra perks to practice your ordinary magic and try new tricks

  • Five additional 30-minute coaching sessions 
  • Admission to Resiliency Well’s Virtual Resilient Servant Leader Retreat  
  • Servant Leader Journal