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We all feel stuck from time to time, or that our lives aren't as fulfilling as we would like them to be. We may be so caught up in life and responsibilities that we have lost touch with ourselves and what brings us joy. We may need a little help and support in reconnecting with our true self and our life's meaning and purpose. We may even be facing an especially difficult hardship. Yet, the human ability to overcome adversity and thrive is truly amazing. It is almost magical, and the best news is that this magic lies with in each of us. In this way, resilience can be thought of as ordinary magic. We are all capable of this ordinary magic, we only need a little practice and support to master the mindset and skills that enable us to thrive through challenges and discover meaning, joy, connection, strength, and our true selves.

Resiliency Well offers a science-backed approach to building personal resiliency resources through the HOPETM Model. If you are ready to develop and practice your ordinary magic, explore our individual memberships to find your perfect fit.

Three Month Standard Membership

A wonderful way to dip your toe into Resiliency Well’s science-backed practices and resources for enhancing your well-being, happiness, and resiliency. Think of this membership as an Ordinary Magic Starter Kit.

Members Enjoy

  • 3-months of access to daily online mindful journaling practices
  • Members Only Live Monthly Mindful Journaling Sessions where you will participate in a brief mindfulness meditation and journaling prompt
  • The Ordinary Magic Community where you will access member resources, share your success, and build supportive relationships for your resiliency journey
  • Monthly Magic Calendars offering daily activities for building specific resiliency resources
  • HOPE and Ordinary Magic, the Making of Resilience eBook
  • Mindful Journaling eBook
  • Resiliency Building Reference List

Three Month Premium Membership

Three Month Premium Memberships include all the benefits of the Standard Membership plus the following premium perks:

  • A 20-minute coaching call to begin your journey
  • Monthly Magician’s Circle where you will participate in guided group discussions on personal resiliency resources and gain support in building your resilience
  • Access to one Mindful Journaling Mini Course

Six Month Premium Membership

Our Six-Month Premium Membership includes the all the premium perks for six months, doubling the length of your access, allowing more time to develop resiliency resources and extra perks to practice your ordinary magic and learn new tricks.

  • Access to Resiliency Well’s Online Mindful Art Journaling Series
  • Beautiful Mindful Journal
  • Resiliency Well Gratitude Note Set

Experience Mindfulness on Your Terms

Not ready to commit to a membership? Check out our free offerings, downloadable tools, eBooks, and mini-courses. Discover the best path for your resilience and mindfulness journey.

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